The Benefits for Homeowners

When you modernize your real estate with evohaus, you’re not only making use of the latest in technology – and that is much more than the current Energy Conservation Decrees demand nowadays – you are also ensuring higher revenues and securing your tenants for the future.

  • The modernization of the apartments leads to an increase in the value of the real estate and for a later sale at higher proceeds. The architecture and image are also enhanced.
  • The usage of regenerative energies and the drastic reduction of the so-called second rent are attractive and avoid the costs in fluctuation, vacancy and loss of rent.
  • For lower energy costs, the tenant also happily pays a higher level of rent excluding service charges – your running revenues increase.
  • Long-term tenants, especially those who are in their third stage of life, remain in the apartment at an additional barrier-free configuration as long as possible.
  • Loyal tenants are worth such an investment …

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